History of Lunaria Gallery

Cooperative Art Gallery

Lunaria Gallery, established in 1995, was the dream of a handful of talented Silverton artists to provide a venue to display their work and make a living from their art. The name provides an association to the moon as well as to the wildflower known as the silver dollar plant. Featuring evocative and contemporary work in diverse media, the gallery supports both established and emerging artists. Twenty-five members currently staff and run all aspects of the gallery. Lunaria is renowned for its fine art, excellent crafts, friendly atmosphere and cooperative spirit.

Lunaria Gallery

Lunaria Gallery

Historic Silverton

The spacious well-lit art gallery is located in a historic building along Silver Creek in the heart of Silverton, a favorite destination for art, antiquities, fine wine and gourmet food. Tourists often make a day of it, browsing in the shops, dining in a relaxed setting, then exploring the lovely Oregon Garden or immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Silver Falls State Park. From anywhere in downtown, you are likely within a block of the gallery!

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Excuse for a Party

Lunaria schedules monthly solo and group shows throughout the year, opening First Fridays from 7:00-9:00 PM. These gala events provide the public an opportunity to view a wider selection of the featured artist’s work as well as interact directly with members. Lunarians welcome the chance to discuss their art and relate to the wider community. Collectors have the opportunity to provide support to their favorite artists. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and tasty snacks while you socialize and admire the work recently emerged from the artists’ studios. See you there!!

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