Ann Altman

Ann Altman


About the ArtistAltman_portrait

Ann Altman grew up in Boston, surrounded by the art and architecture that embodies the cultural life of that city. Elementary school exposed her early on to art, both hands-on and historical. Her three sisters provided rivalry to inspire a striving for excellence. She attended two years of community college, Mass. College of Art, Boston, then finished her degree at Mt. Angel College with a major in oil painting. Throughout her life she has studied in a variety of media, and has developed a unique style. Her work is notable for the use of color which manages to be both bold and subtle. The color principles of post-impressionism guide her color choices. Ann pushes herself to continue to grow and experiment, using new materials and techniques which ultimately represent an optimistic perspective on life. Ann was one of the founding members of Lunaria Gallery in 1995, and has been active in promoting the arts for many years.

Artist Statement

The subject matter is the door through which you are invited to enter the artwork.

Color, texture, movement, composition become the space which you then inhabit.

I want the viewer to feel welcomed, to be surprised, engaged, and maybe even, challenged while visiting.

The artistic influences for my work could be: stained glass windows, Roualt, Gaughin, Kandinski, Klee, and German expressionists….