Linda Jacobson

Linda Jacobson
textile collage artist


About the ArtistJacobson_Self

Following a Postal Service career which spanned many states and positions (including several years as Cleveland, Ohio’s first lady postmaster), Linda Jacobson retired as an executive and returned to her native State of Oregon, settling in Keizer.

In this chapter of her life, she was finally able to explore her artistic side and her long-held desire to use textiles as the medium for 2-D wall art in much the same way that other artists use pastels, acrylics or oils. She is mostly self-taught but constantly learns from other artists, nature, her terrific customers and that never-ending quest to find the answer to “what if…”!

Her love of color, texture and attention to detail meshes perfectly with her use of textiles, dyes, fibers and design. Her images are inspired by nature, ever changing, colorful and complex.

Jacobson is a partner in the Lunaria Gallery in Silverton and her work is available at other galleries and venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has received many awards including 2nd place at the 2011 Oregon State Fair and as the top textile artist at the 2011 Salem Art Fair. Her work has been selected for year-long exhibits and she is regularly commissioned to produce customer-inspired work.

Artist Statement

My earliest childhood memories always include color, texture and movement. It is that early fascination that now reveals itself in my art. Although my work is generally multi-media, it is textiles and fibers that are my playground. I am tantalized by them and enjoy the challenge of taking them to new limits. I use dyes, acrylics and pastels to make subtle changes and then frequently incorporate metal, natural stone or other items of interest. While most pieces begin with a sketch, other times I am so inspired by a mental picture, a scene in nature or the driving need to extend the boundaries of my art that I will abandon the structure that a sketch dictates and create as the moment leads. As I begin each piece, the clock stops and I become totally immersed in the piece itself. By its completion, we are intimate friends…happily content yet again.




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