Rebecca Cozart

Rebecca Cozart


About the ArtistCozart_Self

Rebecca is a self-taught photographer who like most photographers is always looking for that unique perspective or “special something” in an image. Her work embraces and encompasses various styles from clean crisp well-defined images with an interesting and vital point of view to compelling composition and fresh simplicity. Her aim is to entice the viewer to look at the details to become aware of the color and form of the subject. Rebecca creates a certain “look and feel” to her work whether the images are florals, landscapes, water drops, and classic cars or just about anything else that catches her eye. Her images maintain a “clean -ness” about them. Even when using textures to enhance a photo the viewer is drawn in and the subject maintains its focus and importance.

Artist Statement

When I was a child, my parents bought me one of those cameras with the square flash bulbs that popped when I took a picture and then and popped off afterwards. I loved the burnt smell and the noise they made. I’ve owned a camera of some sort for more than 30 years.

My interest in art is really more of an interest in creativity. I took pictures with Kodak cameras when I was a child, moved into throwing pots and beadwork and then tried my hand at mosaics (too much glass crunching and the grout never really set like it said in the book). I returned to photography in 2004 and realized that it is the best most versatile way for me to express my creative side.

I’ve been known to crawl around in bushes to get macro images of water drops on webs, or lay flat on my back in the middle of a courthouse in Toronto to get the best shot of the beautiful ceiling, or to pull over suddenly while driving down a country road and point my camera out the window to catch a shot of a heron.

I once asked a fellow photographer to describe my style and he told me that it’s not so much that I have a style as that I imbue my work “with style”. I take photos of whatever catches my eye. I look up, down and sideways at the world around me and I try to “see” the things most people miss. I like the details and “parts of” things – everywhere is my “studio”. I love form and color and find it difficult to take the typical horizontal or vertical shot.

My first semi-professional film cameras were made by Minolta. I graduated to digital, changed to Canon and now I shoot with a full-frame Canon 5diii – and I own many specialized “L” lenses. All my lenses are made with top of the line glass which helps me create clean, crisp, beautifully composed photos.