Shari Lord

Shari Lord
acrylic, oil, and chalk pastel artist


Artist StatementLord_portrait

I work in a variety of medias: chalk pastel, acrylic and oil. I also work on sanded paper, wooden birch panels and canvas. Generally I like to paint on black whether black paper or black gessoed surfaces, as I like to see color “pop”. I paint what I see generally landscapes and still lifes. My head spins with the ideas and images generated by the world around me. Many days, I cannot get them transferred to paper or canvas fast enough.

My studio looks chaotic, filled with half finished paintings, sketches, dying flowers in still lifes, photographs and palettes filled with paint. Happily finished paintings eventually emerge from the mess with a feeling of order and continuity.

My art is a reflection of a life of observation, participation and joy. Observation of the changing Oregon seasons, participation in travel, which presents both beauty and challenges and the joy of time well-spent with family and friends. These experiences become pattern and color. They become my art.