Theresa Sharrar

Theresa Sharrar


About the Artist

Theresa Sharrar, a founding member of Lunaria Gallery, has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. In the early years of her adulthood she lived on the windward side of the Island of Hawaii amidst lush jungle and volcanic terrain.  It was here where she began her self-training in earnest.  For five years she explored the beauty, vibrancy and color-filled world of the island using watercolor and oil paints as her mediums.  This journey culminated in local recognition and gained Theresa an award in a juried show.  Her experiences in Hawaii set the tone for a lifelong relationship with her art.

Upon moving back to Oregon, her home state, Theresa searched out further education in the arts.  Spending the next 15 years attending college level painting and life-drawing classes, she flourished in her creativity.  During this time she also raised two children and worked outside the home, but always maintained her deep connection with art.

Over the years Theresa has benefitted from many art related jobs, including restaurant murals in both Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC, commissions and gallery sales.  In addition to her own work, Theresa has taught numerous painting classes for children and adults.  Her teaching style allows each student the gift of self discovery, helping them to thrive in their own expression.

Presently Theresa continues to create new bodies of work each year, plein-air painting being a focus. The landscape, being a great inspiration for her, is reflected in her representational, though somewhat surreal work.  Theresa enjoys cooking, gardening and painting on the beautiful tree-filled property where she lives with her family.

Artist Statement

I have always derived great spiritual benefit from nature, where I feel a divine presence. Inspiration comes easily in my natural surroundings, and I have a kinship with the earth. My art is a way of expressing what that vibration feels like. Painting has been my primary vehicle and I continue to enjoy the challenge of creating new work, taking more art classes and sharing my knowledge. Using the gift of painting has brought me happiness and vitality.