September Show


Rodrigues_Sept Show

Casa Hamaca by Lori Rodrigues

“¡Pura Vida!”

opening reception
Friday, September 2, 7-9 p.m.

Lunaria Gallery presents “!Pura Vida!,” an exhibit of Mesoamerican inspired artwork by Silverton based painter Lori Rodrigues and Salem based ceramicist Bruce Fontaine. The show will include paintings that depict the landscape, flora and fauna of Costa Rica and Yucatecan ruins as well as ceramic sculptures and vessels that draw from the iconography of indigenous cultures.

The title of the show, !Pura Vida!, is a common saying among Costa Ricans and reflects a stress free philosophy, feeling thankful for what they have, and not dwelling on the negative.

Rodrigues draws from her travels to inspire new artwork, allowing her to more fully process and share the sights and experiences of a journey. During the initial planning stage of an artistic research trip to Costa Rica and the Yucatan, Fontaine connected Rodrigues with a mural painting opportunity in Valladolid. Also, a year further into planning her trip, her long time boyfriend proposed, and they decided to add romance and a wedding to the trip in January.

Fontaine’s thrown and sculpted pottery forms and sculptures reflect influences from Yucatecan folk art and Mayan art. He traces his fascination for the Mesoamerican region of Mexico and Central America to his childhood when he read about discoveries of Olmec and Mayan sculpture in “My Weekly Reader.” When Fontaine began to develop his artistic style as an adult, he drew from the ancient art that he continues to admire and study today. Traveling in the area also develops his understanding of the culture, iconography, and history that he strives to reflect in his own creations. Besides interpreting the imagery of the culture, Fontaine also aims to depict a range of human emotional experience, most notably humor and joy.

Show runs August 31 – October 3

In the LOFT

In the LOFT, “Road Trip” is a collection of digital photographs by Fred Hartson.

His country scenes have been altered, combined, and composed on the computer to yield “digital paintings.” Hartson uses the computer to give him control over the color, contrast, and texture of his photographs.

He graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has spent a forty-plus year career as an art director, graphic designer, and instructor. His work in graphic design has garnered local, regional, as well as national awards.