May Show

“Asymetry: The Art of Letting Go”
May 6 – May 30, 2016

Letting go of perceptions and preconceived ideas in a dialogue between artist and materials. Jane Castelan Buccola, featured artist during the month of May, describes her newest work’s process as “painting with no intention; the process of letting the intuitive side of the brain take over. In the process of surrendering to the intuitive mind, one sets aside the thinking mind and immerses oneself in the experiencing/perceiving mind..

Opening Reception

In the LOFT

New Lunaria Artist: Carol Murphy

Our newest member, Carol Murphy, is a soft pastel artist. She recently had the “kid in a candy store” experience while paying a visit to the grand dame of art supply stores, Sennelier, in Paris. Opened in 1887, original owner Gustave Sennelier created pastels for well-know artists such as Cezanne, Picasso, Van Gogh and Gaugin. The store is still going strong at 129 years, and has now supplied Carol with a treasure trove of new color possibilities! Ooh la la!