Genie Stewart

Genie Stewart
weaver, fiber-artist

About the ArtistStewart_portrait

Imagine springtime in the vineyards… row upon row and brilliant greens accented by the young brown of vines.  Watch those colors change to a variety of golden, then rust.  And it is from these surroundings that beautiful weavings by Genie Stewart are born.

One need just look at the skillfully crafted weavings by Genie Stewart to see her love affair with color.  And just one touch of her garments will draw you into the sensuous textures begging to be worn.  Cotton, Silk Rayon and Tencel are woven together to create beautifully unique one-of-a-kind weavings.

Genie Stewart has been a textile and clothing designer for over 30 years.  What started as a search for a creative outlet while raising her children turned into a rewarding career.   She has built a reputation on distinctive colors, skillful webbing and hand detailing.

She has done shows in 17 states, sold through galleries across the country, and has had her work pictured in many magazines.  Check out her website:

Basically, the impetus for life she has chosen and lived, can be summarized in her own words:  “Weaving makes my heart beat.”

Artists Statement

One of the exhilarating aspects of being an artist is perpetually having opportunities to respond tangibly to experiences through the creation of something which reflects both those moments and oneself.

As artists will, I become intrigued with and lured by a shape, a texture, a concept, or a color and I go after it to see where it takes me, where I can take it and what it can become. At any point on the path, I may derail to another perspective or sequence of tangents. Ultimately what has captured me will move through my senses, my mind and my hands to emerge in the artwork.