Lori Rodrigues

Lori Rodrigues (LLWebb)
watercolor & acrylic artist


About the ArtistRodrigues_portrait

Lori Rodriques was born and raised in Central Oregon. She took up art at the age of seven when her older sister introduced her to oil paint. As a teenager, she spent most of her free time painting. Upon entering college in Bend, she took a variety of art classes and expanded her practice into watercolors, clay and pastel drawing.

Continuing to paint though out her varied professions, she worked as a horseback riding instructor and interpretive trail guide in Sunriver, OR, Palm Springs, CA and led pack trips through the back country of Yellowstone National Park. She also enjoyed her career as the Silver Falls Park Naturalist.

Under the business name, LL Webb, Rodrigues began painting murals in 1995. Her mural projects can be seen in several Oregon State Parks, the city of Saint Paul, at the state fairgrounds, and in Silverton—including The Old Oak, The Gallon House Covered Bridge, Bobbie the Wonder Dog, Silverton City of the Falls, and Davenport’s Arabian Quest.

She has been teaching painting since the early 1990’s. In 2006, she left Silver Falls to open Silver Stream Studio, where she currently instructs an art class along the banks of Silver Creek. At the advice of a mentor, she began to experiment with acrylic paint during this time. Finding the medium to offer greater possibilities with texture and drying time, she switched from oils to acrylic paints. Her dog Dexter, is her constant painting companion.

In 2010, she began managing her husband’s restaurant, Creekside Grill, conveniently located next door to her studio. In September, 2016, Rodrigues will celebrate ten years at her studio and with Lunaria Gallery.

Artist Statement

My art is about exploration. As I interpret geological landscapes, cultural ruins, tropical jungles, or the night sky, art is my way of understanding as well as sharing. I find more satisfaction in variety and diversity than in niche styles. For each piece, I take a fresh approach. Overall, it is a way to process the journey and discover more about myself in the joy of art.