Pamela Edwards

Pamela Edwards
mosaic artist


About the ArtistEdwards_portrait

Art has been a big part of Pamela’s life since she was a child. Both her mother and grandmother were painters and shared their love of painting with her at an early age. She studied art at San Francisco Art Institute and CSU Northridge.

In 2007 she discovered mosaics. Her passion for learning all she can about the art of mosaics has taken her abroad to study the incredible work of Niki de St. Phalle in Tuscany, Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, the great ancients in Greece and Italy and with many world renown mosaicists.

Thanks to the opportunity to study with so many talented teachers, her work continues to explore the large variety of techniques of mosaic making. It is a medium that is often considered a craft. The new modern mosaic artists around the world, including Pamela, are attempting to change that status and take mosaic making the level of fine art. Pamela is always eager to engage the viewer and give them a look at a new way of appreciating a very old medium.

Artist Statement

Mosaics go back as far as the 8th century BC. I am a modern mosaic artist and what most excites me is seeing how I can apply objects in a new and appealing way. Many modern mosaic artists are creating mosaics that look nothing like the original work done by the great masters in Greece and Italy. That’s what most intrigues me. I want to “paint” with a variety of objects that are presented in new and beautiful ways. Color, reflectivity of the glass, contrasted with other found objects offers me a pallet of ever expanding possibilities. I hope my viewers will find the delight I have found for modern mosaics.